Customized Employment Newsletters


Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1

In this issue we discuss Anxiety and the Employment process, thank Angela Lee from PARQ Vancouver for her informative presentation, highlight our many talented job seekers, and mention our upcoming video on handling stressful situations at work.

Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 6

In this issue we highlight our Self-Directed Employment Groups and learn how they are increasing participants chances for employment success. We update you on Richie’s success at White Spot, our participation at two transition fairs in the lower mainland and our new Twitter feed.

Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 5

In Issue 5 we feature Stephen L and discuss how he overcame his challenges to successfully gain employment at LUSH. We update you on Julian and Natalie’s job search progress and to Ian who is currently looking for work. We officially launch our YouTube page and Creating Success in Employment: Video Modelling series.

Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 4

In this issue we dispel some common myths about hiring people with disabilities. We introduce you to Julian and Natalie, two of our hard working job seekers and to Devlin and his successful employment at Tim Hortons.

Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 3

In this Issue we look at Self-Determination and how it can lead to independence. Tessa’s employment journey and building a relationship with LUSH cosmetics are also highlighted.

Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 2

We continue our look at  the Customized Employment process and examine each stage in detail. Elisa Paczos is highlighted in our job seeker showcase and Shoppers Drug Mart and Nicolas as a success story.

Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1

In this issue we take a closer look at Customized Employment and CBI Consultants Customized Employment program. We showcase Gingers self-employment Jewelry business and highlight Self-Determination and how it can benefit your business.

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