Welcome to CBI Consultants

CBI Consultants has been providing person centered inclusive practice since 1990. We are committed to full inclusion for persons with disabilities. Our person centered positive practice – The Lifestyle Development Process (LDP) – was published in 2005, in the Pro-Ed Textbook; Positive Behavior Support: Critical Articles on Improving Practice for Individuals with Severe Disabilities. We have provided training and technical assistance to more than 10,000 family members, school personnel, and community living personnel throughout the world.


CBI Consultants offers state of the art training workshops and training packages. Our training courses range from raising general knowledge and awareness on how to best support individuals with disabilities, to building capacity within agencies and organizations to develop advanced levels of knowledge, skills, and expertise.


CBI Consultants specializes in Positive Behaviour Support. We have the expertise that comes with many years of experience providing consultation in the areas of transition planning, individualized vocational planning, person centered support structures (i.e. housing options), developing peer relations/social networks, and family/lifestyle planning.


CBI Consultants provides literature reviews, written briefs on specific issues, written manuals on specific topics for the purpose of in service training, and research studies.