CBI Consultants provides technical support in the areas of communication, behaviour, and instruction. CBI supports individuals across the age and ability range. CBI’s services are delivered through our comprehensive training and consultation model under individual contracts with families who have Under Six or Over Six Autism Funding or who contract privately. CBI provides service throughout the Lower Mainland and the Province of British Columbia. CBI’s service delivery model uses the following practices to achieve a good quality of life for the family and child:

  • Child/family centred approach – we consider the strengths and gifts of the child and family and view families as the key decision makers
  • Recognition that children with disabilities are unique, valued and can learn
    A community based consulting model
  • Collaborative team approach
  • Individualization of supports to reflect person and family need – we use preferences of the family and child as a basis for designing intervention
  • Enlisting natural supports in the community (paid and non-paid supports)
  • Planning, early intervention teaching strategies and supports are current evidence based practices
  • Quality of life for the child and family are important outcomes and ones which we evaluate
  • Increase adaptive skills of the child to reduce challenging/problem behaviour – challenging behaviours are ad-dressed proactively following positive behaviour support practices
  • Behavioural Plan of Intervention is clearly written and specific goals are outlined
  • Capacity of the team is built by providing families & team members with knowledge, demonstration and video of practical, useful strategies
  • A comprehensive system of accountability is used, reviewing and updating goals

Please note: We are currently not taking any new referrals into our Children's Under 6 Autism Program!

CBI Consultants is on a Qualified Vendors list under Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) Personal Supports Initiative (PSI).

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