Autism: Under 6

Autism Program for Children Under 6 Years Old


Cornerstones of Early Intervention

  1. Supports and services for the child and family are individualized

  2. Curriculum for the child is specialized with key goal areas that address ASD

  1. Provision of systematic instruction

  2. Creation of highly supportive and/or structured teaching environments

  1. Functional approach to problem behaviours

  2. Family involvement

Behaviour consultants at CBI are trained and have completed the advanced ESDM training. The Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is one of the evidence-based curriculums that CBI has adopted for early intervention. The Early Start Denver Model is a developmentally referenced curriculum designed specifically for intensive delivery of early intervention for children with autism.

Assessment & Recommendations

6 – 8 Weeks (1st Contract)
  • Target needs and strategies
  • Identify key trainer who will train new team members
  • Coordinate support team
  • Determine team roles and responsibilities
  • Conduct assessment via interviews, direct observation, and interaction with child & team members
  • Write Plan of Intervention report and present recommendations

Development & Implementation

Average 12-18 months (2nd Contract)
  • Teach team to do strategies (model, write-ups, online training, feedback)
  • Support team to develop, implement, and adapt strategies in the plan
  • Teach team to analyze patterns of behaviour to problem solve
  • Compile training materials into manual


As required
  • Monitor strategies
  • Support team to develop self-monitoring tools
  • Continue to support team to problem solve, adapt strategies in the plan and to evaluate effectiveness of strategies

More Information

Please click on the link below for our complete Autism for Children Under 6 program information:

Please note: We are currently not taking any new referrals into our Children's Under 6 Autism Program!