Youth Transition Project


The Youth Transition Project

The youth transition project is a multi-agency collaboration involving CBI Consultants, STADD, CLBC, Work BC, MCFD, school boards, service providers and partner agencies. The youth transition project evolved from recent government initiatives including transforming day services, the community action employment plan, employment first thinking and supporting successful youth transitions via a one government approach. The project is designed to help individuals with their transition from high school to an inclusive life upon graduation. CBI Consultants has facilitated pilot projects in self-determination and inclusive, paid employment for the past 4 years. The Self-Determination Curriculum and Customized Employment Training has been delivered to 31 sites and 188 participants.

The project supports participants to determine their S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound) Goals and Action plans in all of their life domains (Home, Recreation Leisure, Employment, Education, Social, Travel). The first level of the Self-Determination Curriculum results in a Self- Directed Life Plan that is presented by the focus student to family, teachers, friends and paid support networks. The Self-Directed Life Plan is a student driven plan that gives all members of their transition team a clear vision of their desirable future. Level 2 of the Self-Determination Curriculum focuses on participants achieving their employment goal (paid, inclusive employment).