Online CE Training Detailed Outline Level 2

Online Multi-Level customized employment Training


LEVEL2: Intermediate Training on Customized Employment:

Level 2 Training is designed to follow specific examples from real life scenarios faced by our own employment specialists. It is set up for the student to follow along with a case of his or her own. The training takes learners through a series of exercises that takes them through the entire customized employment process. The course contains many videos of employment specialists that instruct the learner on specific Customized Employment practices.

Module 1

Details the specifics of the Discovery process – Developing a personal profile and coming out of this process (exercises and videos) with Ideal Conditions of Employment and General Themes used for the Job Discovery Process; more specifically, Module 1 covers the following:

  • Recruitment of Individuals looking for real work for real pay
  • Explaining Customized Employment process to the focus individual and their team
  • Authentic Assessed
  • Personal profile
  • Ideal Conditions of Employment
  • Strength based Vocational Profile
  • Preparing for Job Development

Module 2:

Details of Job Development. Module two consists of videos guiding the student through many of the obstacles encountered during the job development process. Module 2 covers the following:

  • Connecting ICE with Job Development
  • Getting the whole team working on ICE and brainstorming
  • Using your personal and Organizational connections
  • Guidelines for matching and customization
  • Top job search strategies
  • Negotiation
  • Securing the mutually beneficial job

Module 3:

Details of Systematic Instruction and Job Coaching strategies. Module 3 covers the following:

  • Ecological Inventories
  • Natural cues and supports
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Fading to natural Supports
  • Self-Monitoring and Self-Determination

Module 4:

Specific details of Quality Indicators and Monitoring of outcomes. Module 4 covers the following:

  • Details of each of the quality indicators
  • Ways to ensure the outcomes satisfy all of the quality idicators

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