Online CE Training Detailed Outline

Online Multi-Level customized employment Training


LEVEL1:Introductory Training on Customized Employment:

There are six sessions or modules in Level I-Introductory Training Customized Employment.

Module 1: Introduction to Inclusive Supports and Traditional Ways of Supporting People with Disabilities

Module one sets the stage for the Customized Employment process. Module one demonstrates the evolution of support for people with disabilities. This evolution is from deficit profiles and segregated programs to strength based profiles and full inclusion (real work for real pay for all). Module one details employment first thinking and the shift in practice that is happening throughout the world.

Module 2: Person Centered Profiles and Strength Based Authentic Assessment (Discovery and Exploration)

Module 2 introduces, in detail, the first step in the Customized Employment Process. This first step is the development of a personal profile of the person’s strengths, preferences and ideal conditions for employment (ICE). A case study illustrates how to develop this personal profile and ICE via interviews, interactions and community based observations.

Module 3: Job Development and Job Creation

Module 3 connects the strength based personal profile and Ideal Conditions of Employment to job development and job creation. Module 3 illustrates with a case study how the consumer driven personal profile drives the job development process and mutually beneficial customized employment opportunities for the employer and employee.

Module 4: Systematic Instruction and Job Coaching

Module 4 demonstrates how the job coach or employment specialist uses systematic instruction and task analyses to deliver instruction to the employee in inclusive work settings. This is a crucial feature of the customized employment process. Module 4 capitalizes on CBI’s extensive experience in this area. Module 4 is very detailed, taking participants through the process of designing instructional supports, fading from the work site and transferring instruction to co-workers, supervisors etc

Module 5: Quality Indicators and Monitoring Outcomes in Customized Employment

Module 5 introduces course participants to quality indicators and the monitoring function that is involved once the person has been successfully placed in an inclusive customized job. Once the employment specialist has faded from the work site (Module 4), monitoring and quality indicators take place. Module 5 details this process and the indicators used to ensure that the customized employment process has been followed with fidelity.

Module 6: Conversion Strategies: Moving from Segregation to Inclusion and Real Work for Real Pay

Modules 1-5 detail what customized employment is and how to deliver it. Module 6 shows how agencies in Canada and the United States went about the shift from traditional day programs to real work for real pay and the adoption of customized employment. Module 6 details the process and strategies that have been effective as agencies shift to employment first thinking. Module 6 shows in practical ways how your entire agency (board members, parents, management and front line staff) can and must be engaged in this process.

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