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Benefits of Hiring Individuals with Disabilities


There are several business benefits for employers who hire individuals with developmental disabilities. People with disabilities often make better employees and allow us to reach the full potential of economic growth in our country, including individuals with disabilities who are employable. They are a very large group of individuals in an untapped labor pool who are ready, willing and able to fill the gap. Here are a few other reasons why you should hire someone with a developmental disability.

Good qualifications

A higher population of individuals with disabilities have a trade certificate verses the general population. Studies show that 98% of employees with disabilities rate average or better in work safety and 90% of people with disabilities rated average or better on job performance.


Employees with disabilities are very motivated and dedicated to their work. They have better attendance records, higher retention rates and increase company morale.

Low maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, individuals with disabilities require very little accommodation in the work place. Employers should take advantage of government programs that support individuals in finding and retaining employment. Service providers job coach individuals to learn complex tasks that need to be performed so that they can manage to work independently and efficiently. This service is free to business owners as it is being provided to the individual with the disability.


Innovation is key to a successful business. Employees with development disabilities bring unique experiences and understanding that transforms company morale and enhances products and services. Adaptations and supports in the workplace create more efficient and effective business processes for all employees. This can also encourage the use of technology in new ways to increase productivity.

Other advantages to hiring a person with a disability include

  • Insights into how to serve customers with disabilities
  • Greater diversity at the work site so that a wide variety of perspectives are utilized when solving problems
  • Benefit to public, media and community relations
  • Customers with disabilities and their families, friends and associates represent a trillion dollar market segment. They, like other market segments, purchase products and services from companies that best meet their needs. A large number of North Americans also say they prefer to shop at businesses that hire people with disabilities.
  • Increasing your opportunity to gain a lasting customer base
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