Customized Employment – Job Seekers

Customized Employment information for job seekers and families


Now that you have identified that you are ready and willing to work, CBI consultants will use the following process to help support you in getting paid employment. Please keep in mind that the Customized Employment process is a team approach, we require all members of the job seeker’s team to be a part of this process. Team members can help by sharing potential contacts (networking), supporting in transportation training, reviewing job duties at home, etc.

  • Together we will create a profile of your employment goals, interests, likes, strengths and talents. This may be done in a group or individual setting.
  • We will talk to you, your family, friends, teachers and previous employers to learn more about you.
  • We will support and assist you as you discover more about yourself, your learning style and your preferences for successful employment.
  • Together we will look at what employers are a good fit for you and learn how to approach them.
  • We will walk through potential job sites and observe duties done by the people that work there.
  • Together we will talk to potential employers and learn if there is a possible job match for your skills, interests and strengths.
  • We will support you in interviews and show you how to follow up after a meeting.
  • We will support and assist you onsite until you and the employer are comfortable that you have learned your duties.
  • We will create any supports if you need them, such as reminders, job task lists, etc.
  • We will support you with learning social skills, transportation training and learning the business policies and procedures.
  • After a period of time CBI will fade away from the job site leaving you to work independently at your new job.
  • We will keep in touch with you and your new employer to make sure everything is going well. We will do this through emails, phone calls, site visits and surveys.
  • We will be there for any support you may need.
  • We will assist and support you in learning how to deal with a crisis, these could include, change in job duties, change in management, etc.