How to Access CE Services

How to Access Customized Employment Services

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CBI’s customized employment services can be accessed a number of ways. Service may be provided through private payment, Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) referral or individualized funding support. CBI is able to accept referrals in some CLBC regions in both the Developmental Disabilities and Personalized Supports Initiative (Skill Development and Customized Employment) funding stream. Please contact your CLBC facilitator for more information and to see if you are eligible for funding.

CBI strongly believes in individual, family and service provider choice and has created a service delivery model that is highly individualized, flexible, and sensitive to the needs of families, agencies and the communities in which they live.

Individual contracts are based on the availability of our personnel and goodness of fit between the approach used by CBI and individual and family desires. At times, we have a waitlist which is managed by CBI on a first come first served basis.

Contact CBI Consultants and arrange for an interview to discuss your needs and find out what CBI offers. Current fees are available from the office. This meeting is for you and CBI to determine whether CBI is a good fit and will meet the needs of the individual and the team. There may be times when consultant time to provide private service is not available. If this is the case, you will be offered the choice to be placed on CBI’s first come first served waitlist for service.

Please use our CONTACT PAGE to request more information.