What is LEAP?


What is L.E.A.P?

L.E.A.P. is a FREE employment program for youth and young adults developed by CBI Consultants and funded by the Employment and Social Development Canada for the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy Program with a focus on youth facing employment barriers. The youth or young adults may be living with developmental and mental health challenges, be Indigenous or have other barriers to employment.

By delivering strength-based customized skills development training, L.E.A.P participants develop necessary skills and knowledge in order to overcome employment barriers and actively participate in the current and future labour market by obtaining paid inclusive work opportunities.

The program is offered in the Greater Vancouver Area by CBI Consultants, as well as Edmonton, Alberta and Kenora, Ontario through WJ Stelmaschuk and Associates Ltd (WJS).

Why join L.E.A.P?

Using an adapted version of CBI’s copyrighted Self-Determination Instruction and Customized Employment Training program participants will receive training and support to:

  • Work 1-on-1 with an Employment Specialist
  • Learn about strengths and areas of interest
  • Develop necessary skills and knowledge to overcome employment barriers
  • Obtain paid inclusive work opportunities
  • Learn the skills to obtain and maintain employment in the future

The L.E.A.P program delivery is designed to go at the pace of the participant and offers enhanced supports that are holistic and tailored to the individual needs of all participants.

L.E.A.P Eligibility Criteria

  • Between 15 and 30 years of age (inclusive);
  • A Canadian citizen, or permanent resident or a protected person as defined by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act;
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada;
  • Legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations; and

Facing one or more of the following barriers to employment:

  • Living with a disability (Physical, Mental or Developmental)
  • Living with Mental Health Challenges
  • Indigenous
  • Currently in, coming out of, or have had involvement in the justice system
  • Early leavers from high school
  • Individual is either in or leaving care of the child welfare system
  • Involuntary NEET for at least 6 months (Not in Education, Employment or Training)
  • LGBTQ2+
  • Recent immigrant and/or refugee
  • Residing in a rural or remote location
  • Community Living BC – Personalized Support Initiative and Developmental Disabilities individuals

Program Overview

Submit a referral form to leap@cbiconsultants.com. The L.E.A.P. team will contact you to share more about the program and determine if L.E.A.P is the right fit.
An intake interview will be completed. You will then be placed on the waitlist and join the program if and when space becomes available.
Participants will work through the following four stages 1-on-1 with their Employment Specialist over a minimum of 26 weeks. The program length can be adapted to suit each individual’s needs:


    • Complete a person centred, strength-based planning process to create a personal profile and identify Ideal Conditions of Employment. This profile includes hopes & dreams, learning style, communication abilities, interests, preferences, strengths and capacities and support needs.

    Job Development

    • Identify potential employers and find a match between their interests, skills and Ideal Conditions of Employment uncovered during the Discovery process with the nature of an employer’s business.
    • Match the needs, strengths and interests of the individuals seeking employment with the needs of the employer.

    Job Support

    • Both the employee and employer will receive systematic instruction to ensure success on the job. The necessary tools (such as checklists, visuals, or physical aids) will be provided to ensure success on the job.


    • While most participants will complete the program within 26 weeks, there is no mandatory transition period.
    • Support will be provided to each individual based on their personal needs and transition out of the program will be based on thoughtful decision making involving the participants, their support network, employer and Employment Specialist.