Peace Region, North Eastern British Columbia: CLBC


Everyone has the right to be heard and supported to live the life of their choosing. Everyone has the right to be taught to communicate their wants and needs such that they don’t need to use challenging behaviour.


  • To develop an evidence based, person-centred plan for each individual within contract-based time frames
  • To collaborate as a team to bring about a reduction in the frequency, intensity and duration of the individuals challenging behaviour
  • To collaborate as a team to increases overall Quality of Life

Job Summary

The Behaviour Consultant works with adults with developmental disabilities and their support teams to assist the focus person to achieve their goals and improve quality of life and safety for both the individual and their team members. The Behaviour Consultant travels within the Peace Region of BC to complete functional behaviour assessments (FBA). They develop behaviour support plans (BSP) based on findings from the FBA following the principles of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), provide modelling, training and support of strategies to all team members such that the team can independently maintain the BSP with fidelity, and write and monitor safety plans as needed.



Reports To:

Regional Coordinator for the North


Education and relevant experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Counselling, Psychology, Special Education or Social Work
  • Master’s degree is preferred
  • 5 years working with individuals with disabilities who have challenging behaviours
  • 1 year consulting to families and service providers


  • Non-violent Crisis Intervention and/or Mandt


  • Driver’s License and reliable vehicle
  • Clearance letter for vulnerable populations
  • Two professional references, one family reference
  • Home office space

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Provide direct and indirect service including:

  • Conduct comprehensive Functional Behaviour Assessments (FBAs) addressing the referral concerns of the support team
  • Complete and present written assessment reports within 4-6 weeks of initial meeting
  • Develop and maintain individualized behaviour support plans which utilize positive strategies to support each focus person on the caseload, based on the functional behavioural assessment
  • Develop safety plans where required as per CLBC policy
  • Submit 6-month reviews by due date for each case
  • Train team members to implement and maintain strategies with fidelity
  • Maintain well organized client files (paper and electronic)
  • Use the CBI Portal, Learning Management System, Penelope, and other software technology
  • Return all incoming correspondence as per CBI policy
  • Manage time such that in-office tasks (for example, writing reports) are completed as per contract parameters and out-of-office tasks (for example, scheduling/attending appointments) are conducted in a professional manner
  • Provide Behaviour Support Services in a variety of locations such as the individual’s home, day program or in local community environments


  • Provide behaviour support services following the CBI Planning Tool
  • Prepare for and conduct initial meeting with service providers and families
  • Complete Observation of the participant in various settings for the purpose of developing a BSP
  • Collect and evaluate behavioural data
  • Complete CBI protocols for completing a Functional Behaviour Assessment
  • Write assessment report based on finding from interviews and observations, using the CBI report template
  • Deliver professional report presentations to the team
  • Collaborate with the participant, their family and team for the purpose of developing a PBS-based behavioural support plan which adheres to CLBC policy procedures
  • Provide the team with the written version of the strategies in the individualized multi-element behaviour support plans following the CBI templates
  • Conduct trainings related to the behaviour support plan for the individual staff, individuals, parents and caretakers, including hands-on modeling of techniques
  • Monitor implementation of behaviour support plan and revise as needed
  • Develop, train team to fidelity, and monitor Safety Plans as needed
  • Develop visual supports in collaboration with CBI media team and Instructional Consultant
  • Facilitate the team’s development of visual supports in a variety of formats for individuals who are non-verbal or require augmentative communication systems
  • Participate in filming and editing of video examples to illustrate strategies and case examples
  • Completion of required paperwork related to data collection, progress reporting and billing. Submit client hours daily, expenses and aggregate statistics monthly.


  • Provide Person-Centred planning following the Lifestyle Development Process, including goodness of fit for transition planning (high school to work; home to living in the community; move from parents to paid caregiver)
  • Follow evidence-based practices to develop behaviour support plans
  • Produce professional, individualized, written behaviour support plans and plain language proactive strategy descriptions which address challenging behaviour
  • Provide training to team members to implement proactive strategies which participants rate as good to excellent
  • Maintain a 90:10 direct to indirect billing ratio (Maintain 90% of hours as direct billable time)
  • Remain professional at all times
  • Be proficient in the use of technology
  • Work as efficiently and effectively as possible



  • Inspire and motivate individual teams to understand functional behaviour assessment and the behaviour support plan and to collaboratively implement all behaviour support plan strategies with fidelity

Time Management

  • Excellent organizational management skills to manage entire case load
  • Flexibity in adjusting work schedule to meet current case load demands

Interpersonal Skills

  • Adjust interaction style to fit team member’s learning style
  • Manage personal and company reputation


  • Simplify complex ideas
  • Display cultural competency
  • Answer questions effectively
  • Write professional reports that fit reader’s understanding and learning style


  • Demonstrate creative thinking
  • Individualize theory such that behaviour support plan strategies fit each person’s profile


  • Demonstrate product knowledge (Lifestyle Development Process, Functional Behaviour Assessment, Behaviour Support Plan, Safety Plan)
  • Work within proposal of hours for each case

Problem Solving

  • Use game theory to address and resolve barriers to implementation of behaviour support plan
  • Communicate with supervisor when personal and/or professional challenges are impacting ability to perform job requirements

CBI Team Player

  • Attend/participate remotely in all staff meetings
  • Share ideas for betterment of all areas of company functioning (including respectful treatment of colleagues, solving barriers to financial success, and using technology to make our process and products more user friendly)



  • Position involves travel and working during business hours, evenings, and weekends according to current case load need


  • Pro-rated benefits include holiday accrual and MSP coverage, extended health/dental after passing 6 months’ probation. Mileage paid at 52 cents per KM, 6 paid sick days per year.

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