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CBI Consultants is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and encourages applications from people of all gender identities and expressions, persons with disabilities, Indigenous peoples and visible minorities. Persons with disabilities who anticipate needing accommodations for any part of the application and hiring process may contact our HR department at Any personal information provided will be maintained in confidence.


CBI Consultants has been providing person centered inclusive practices since 1990. We are committed to full inclusion for persons with disabilities. In 1992, we published a research paper outlining our person centered positive practices – The Lifestyle Development Process (LDP), Journal of the Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps. We have provided training and technical assistance to more than 5,000 family members, school personnel, and community living personnel throughout the world.


Everyone has the right to be heard and supported to live the life of their choosing. Everyone has the right to be taught to communicate their wants and needs such that they don’t need to use challenging behavior.


  • Provide clinical oversight, following a person-and-family-centred PBS model, to ensure clinical excellence in the work of consultant supervisees; 
  • Support CBI’s goal of maintaining viable and profitable PBS operations by providing exemplary support in the area of contract funding accountability to direct reports; 
  • Model leadership and facilitate effective, collaborative teaming;
  • Support all supervised staff to meet contract deliverables’ timelines 
  • Monitor the billing of all the staff they supervise to ensure billing meets but does not exceed contractual limits; and
  • Monitor all the staff they supervise to ensure job description is being followed and all duties, tasks, and responsibilities are being fulfilled


The Consultant Supervisor role has three pillars: Clinical Oversight, Contract Funding Accountability; and Leadership and Effective, Collaborative Teaming. The Consultant Supervisor monitors supervised employees and service deliverables in the PBS program to ensure CBI provides a high standard of clinical service; meets contractual and funding obligations; and works effectively and collaboratively as a team. Under the supervision of Field Support & Quality Assurance Manager, they work closely with the Contracts and Procurement Manager and are in alignment with CBI’s vision, mission, and values.


Education and relevant experience

  • Master’s degree in a related field [e.g., Psychology, Social Work, Education]
  • BCBA preferred
  • Minimum of two years of supervisory experience; PBS supervision in a government OR government-funded organization[s] preferred 
  • Experience managing a team; minimum of four supervisees preferred


  • Leadership certifications [e.g., Mandt for Managers, Justice Institute Leadership certificates, etc.] an asset


  • Having held a Behaviour Consultant role for at least three years preferred
  • Must be able to pass CBI’s PBS Quality Assurance Benchmarks Criteria [or equivalent for external applicants] 
  • Must demonstrate fidelity with CBI’s billing expectations [e.g., Penelope billing; achieving POH targets for all cases; and maintaining 90/10 direct billing targets, if internal; equivalent demonstration of billing fidelity, if external]
  • Must excel at completing Functional Behaviour Assessment and use the information to develop a Positive Behaviour Support Plan for the supported individual
  • Must have strong time management, analytical skills, interpersonal skills and written and oral skills
  • Must have excellent team leadership abilities
  • Must have superior problem-solving and decision-making skills and strong analytical skills
  • Must be detail-oriented with strong organizational skills and ability to adjust priorities, as needs arise 
  • Must have the ability to exercise sound judgment



  • Ensure all CBI clinical reports are accurate based on FBA and BSP theory and practice, which result in the decrease of challenging behaviour and overall improvement in the individuals’ quality of life
  • Provide case management support to behaviour consultants, which results in accurate Proposal of Hours (POHs) based on FBA and BSP clinical recommendations and CBI’s person-centered planning framework 
  • Provide solutions-focused clinical approach and framework to identify and address barriers to service implementation 


  • Ensure that all supervised staff’s billing and case information are accurate to facilitate data-based decision making and case planning process
  • Utilizing the data from CBI dashboard, ensure that all supervised staff’s approved hours of support for each case are delivered on target and on time
  • Utilizing the data from CBI dashboard and in collaboration with Contracts & Procurement Manager, ensure that all supervised staff are assigned cases optimally


    • Embed CBI’s effective, collaborative teaming practices to the assigned team
    • Effectively manage staff’s performance
    • Model strong interpersonal and conflict resolution skills
    • Model strong organizational management skills


  • Represent CBI with a high level of professionalism and thorough understanding when attending meetings and corresponding with internal and external stakeholders 
  • Submit billable hours daily
  • Hit POH targets for all assigned staff and maintain a ratio of 90% direct billable hours to 10% administrative/non-billable hours
  • Submit expenses monthly
  • Work using technology as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • Manage time such that billing issues are communicated immediately and resolved as quickly as possible
  • Remain professional at all times (externally and internally)
  • Attend staff meetings and internal trainings
  • Provide vacation coverage for staff; other Consultant Supervisors; and Field Support & Quality Assurance Managers, as requested and
  • Other duties, as requested



  • CBI Quality of Life Benchmarks
  • Safety Plan reviews compliance
  • Other research-based person-and-family-centered PBS indicators that are currently under development [e.g., Don Kincaid’s Person-Centred PBS and Joe Lucychyn’s Family Centred PBS metrics]
  • Positive feedbacks from FSQA and CPM on the following: 1) Quality of reports; and 2) Ability to resolve barriers to implementation


  • Meet or exceed POH and 90/10 targets for assigned staff
  • Positive feedbacks from internal and external stakeholders 


  • CBI QA benchmarks for effective, collaborative teaming [adapted from Google Teaming Practices and Patrick Lencioni high performance leadership indicators]



  • Fosters team environment
  • Motivates assigned staff to achieve results
  • Encourages assigned staff to utilize personal and collective strengths

Change Management

  • Effectively develops and implements supervisory/ performance management strategies 
  • Communicates change transparently and as frequently as required


  • Consistently generates creative, resourceful solutions in problematic/crisis situations
  • Constructively challenges approach and finds better ways to meet goals 
  • Identifies and solves problems focusing on root causes-not symptoms 
  • Maintains calmness, clarity in thinking, and results-oriented focus at all times


  • Effectively supports and monitors implementation of assigned staff’s support plans
  • Continually raises the bar for ongoing improvement and innovation
  • Maintains updated and accurate documentation regarding assigned staff’s performance


  • Works collaboratively with stakeholders promoting a professional and healthy image
  • Arrives on time for scheduled appointments and/or meetings 

Person Centredness

  • Understands and models person-centered practice 
  • Supports opportunities for all individuals to make choices 
  • Actively participates and supports changes in service delivery 


  • Manages and resolves conflict constructively 
  • Verbal and written communication is clear and effective 
  • Responds to show understanding, support and appreciation 
  • Works well under pressure


  • Demonstrates ability to prioritize simultaneous/conflicting demands
  • Monitors progress to create an environment of accountability
  • Meets or exceeds quality, thoroughness and accuracy reflected in work outcomes


  • Communicates openly, honestly, and respectfully 
  • Manages, attends, and leads effective meetings 
  • Models appropriate behaviour through positive interactions with team members



Position generally falls between operating hours of 8:30 and 4:30; however, occasional evening and weekend work should be expected (and delivered) 

Wages and benefits

This role includes a competency-based salary increase. Pro-rated benefits include holiday accrual and extended health. Salary is outlined in the CBI employment letter.


This position may require travel within the Lower Mainland and throughout British Columbia

Reports to

Field Support and Quality Assurance Manager


Please send your resume and cover letter to (please do not change the subject line): 


If you are unable to click the above link, please email your resume to including the following text in the subject line: Consultant Supervisor Application (from the website)


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