Creating Success in Employment: Video Modelling Series






CBI Consultants’ Creating Success in Employment: Video Modelling Series is based on the published research paper The Lifestyle Development Process (LDP). The Lifestyle Development Process is a person-centered planning process that is designed to support the focus person along with his/her family, friends, peers and paid supports to achieve an inclusive life within the community.

The aim of this Video Modelling Series is to teach skills to the participants that will increase their success and their quality of life. The videos reflect Dr. Robert Schalock’s (1995) ‘quality of life framework’ and incorporate a number of important Self-Determination components which will help the participants increase their quality of life in domains other than employment.

The videos show scenarios which demonstrate how to act in a given situation using an errorless instruction and learning format. Step-by-step instructions, some in the form of exercises, combine to give the job seeker and their support team practice to be successful in various aspects of finding, getting and keeping a job. Each of the scenarios is based on real life situations from our years of delivering customized employment and self-determination instruction.

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