Employment Specialist Position: Lower Mainland


CBI Consultants is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and encourages applications from people of all gender identities and expressions, persons with disabilities, Indigenous peoples and visible minorities. Persons with disabilities who anticipate needing accommodations for any part of the application and hiring process may contact our HR department at careers@cbiconsultants.com. Any personal information provided will be maintained in confidence.


Lower Mainland


Our mission is to support individuals world wide to achieve a quality life. We believe that all citizens have the right to be included in their neighborhood schools and communities, have rich social lives, live in homes of their choosing and have access to fulfilling real work for real pay.


  • To collaborate with a team to increases overall Quality of Life (QoL)
  • To develop an evidence based, person centered Customized Employment Vocational Profile and portfolio for each job seeker, one which showcases their Ideal Conditions of Employment
  • To support individual job seekers with diverse abilities to acquire, maintain and excel at a “Real Work for Real Pay” position
  • To support all job seekers in developing and demonstrating Self-Determination skills
  • To guide job seekers in developing transferrable skills which can be used in all life domains
  • To help identify individuals’ goals and SDLP (self-directed life plan)

Job Summary

The Employment Specialist (ES) provides training and support to individuals with a variety of support needs and their support team. The ES is responsible for all aspects of the CLBC-funded Customized Employment program for a caseload of job seekers with diverse abilities. They develop a Supported Employment Vocational Plan and complete all phases of customized employment including discovery, job development, job coaching, monitoring and crisis supports (where required) with the goal of placing individuals in jobs of their choosing. They write Customized Employment Vocational Profiles, track outcomes and provide case information as requested by CBI Consultants and our contractors. The ES is comfortable delivering CBI’s Self-Determination Curriculum in a variety of settings.

You will be a key member of a team of passionate professionals committed to inclusion and diversity. You will be a recognized leader in the community you serve, practicing the principles of person-centred planning. As a trusted member of the CBI team, you will have a positive impact on people’s lives on a daily basis.




Education and Relevant Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree completed in a relevant field (e.g., Psychology, Social Work, Child and Youth Care, Recreation and Health Education, Community Support Work, Mental Health and Addictions)
  • Experience working directly with people with diverse abilities who may also require mental health supports


  • Mandt training (will be provided)


  • Driver’s license
  • Reliable vehicle
  • Clearance letter for vulnerable populations
  • Two to three professional references


  • Complete professional written Customized Employment Vocational Profiles
  • Utilize evidence-based research in report compilation
  • Do ongoing job development to find placements for job seekers
  • Provide Job Coaching to job seekers in a variety of workplaces
  • Be able to speak to employers about hiring individuals with diverse abilities
  • Deliver SD Curriculum to individuals, groups, agencies, virtually, etc.
  • Organize and maintain up to date case files
  • Collect individual and program data (QoL, Employee and Employer Surveys)
  • Be comfortable and able with online platforms (e.g., Zoom) to provide service virtually


  • Follow the Customized Employment Planning Tool to complete all tasks in the development and implementation, monitoring, and follow up of the Customized Employment Vocational Profile
  • Attend initial meetings when new referrals are assigned
  • Develop, write, and implement recommendations in a Customized Employment Vocational Profile following CBI’s Self-directed Lifestyle Development Plan
  • Develop and/or support the team to develop visual supports in collaboration with CBI media team (materials such as visual calendars / schedules, both low and high-tech communication aides, instructional supports and so on)
  • Facilitate modifications and adaptations to the worksite/job duties as needed by all parties
  • Provide on-site job coaching
  • Model support or instructional strategies to natural supports (caregivers, employers/co-workers)
  • Send out Quality of Life questionnaires to job seekers not yet employed and focus individuals already employed
  • Send out Employer Surveys
  • Assist with collection and compilation of individual and program data
  • Return all incoming correspondence as per CBI policy
  • Write notes in Penelope after each appointment
  • Supporting Team Lead with quarterly submission of reports to the funder
  • Use the case assignment email (CAE) thread to provide timely updates
  • Record billable hours daily
  • Submit expenses monthly


  • Support, empower individuals through all stages of customized employment
  • Review Customized Employment application (referral)
  • Be accountable for hours on each case
  • Maintain well organized case files (paper and electronic)
  • Work using technology as efficiently and effectively as possible, Proficient with Microsoft Office
  • Maintain 90:10 direct to indirect billing ratio
  • Manage time such that in-office tasks (reports to be edited by supervisor) are completed as per contract parameters and out-of-office tasks (for example, scheduling/attending appointments) are conducted in a professional manner
  • Remain professional at all times (externally and internally)
  • Attend staff meetings
  • Ensure job placements meet the job seeker’s Ideal Conditions of Employment
  • Transition to natural supports in the work place
  • Follow Employment Teams Code of Ethics (see separate document)
  • Deliver SD curriculum
  • Be comfortable delivering service using zoom or other platforms
  • Communicate with the PBS department on collaborative cases
  • Thoughtfully work with your team to develop connections in the community
  • Other duties as requested



  • Fosters team environment
  • Provides balance of positive and corrective performance feedback
  • Creates a culture of learning that drives individual development
  • Seeks personal feedback from peers and employees


  • Verbal and written communication is clear and effective
  • Actively listens and asks questions for clarity
  • Responds to show understanding, support and appreciation
  • Communicates consistently and regularly regarding service delivery

Problem Solving

  • Consistently generates creative, resourceful solutions in consultation with BC
  • Encourages new ideas and works to improve them
  • Demonstrates ability to prioritize simultaneous/conflicting demands
  • Constructively challenges approach and finds better ways to meet goals


  • Understands and models person-centered practice
  • Arrives on time for scheduled appointments and/or meetings
  • Models appropriate behaviour through positive interactions with team members and remains respectful
  • Promotes employee independence and interdependence


  • Interacts with all individuals appropriately and respectfully
  • Supports opportunities for all individuals to make choices
  • Ensures individuals are, through different methods made aware of their rights
  • Actively participates and supports changes in service delivery

Commitment to Excellence

  • Effectively supports and monitors implementation of individual support plans
  • Follows through on directions and assignments from BC and Supervisor
  • Demonstrates initiative and pro-activeness



Position involves working during business hours, evenings, and weekends according to current case load need.


$25 – $28 per hour. This role includes a competency-based salary increase: Increases to wage are applied following completion of probation and subsequently following completion of Demonstration stage. Pro-rated benefits include holiday accrual, dental and extended health plan. Salary is outlined in the CBI employment letter.


Position may involve supporting communities within the lower mainland.

Reports to

Self Determination & Customized Employment Team Lead. May report to Behaviour Consultant overseeing any individual PBS case assigned.


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