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Job Summary

The Implementation Consultant has a BA. She or he implements strategies in a Positive Behaviour Support Plan, a Supported Employment Plan or an Autism Plan of Intervention. This person is a team member who, with the designated Behaviour Consultant or LDP Consultant, provides support to individuals who may have a variety of support needs and a range of abilities and trains and supports their team members by providing hands-on demonstration of support strategies: develops and/or supports the team to develop materials such as visual calendars and communication aides; records notes and keeps the Behaviour Consultant updated on all work for the case.



Reports To:

Consulting Supervisor or Senior Behaviour Consultant

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  1. At the direction of the Behaviour Consultant, implement the recommendations in the multi-element support plan which has been developed by the CBI Behaviour Consultant, following CBI’s person-centred planning (Lifestyle Development Process).
  2. Work in the field to get strategies up and running.
  3. Train key support people for a focus person to implement the strategies recommended in the support plan. Training in specific strategies includes hands-on modelling and demonstration, small group presentations to teams and providing real time prompting and feedback to team members so they learn to independently implement those proactive and instructional strategies. Strategies can include scheduling; direct instruction based on ecological inventory, task analysis and discrepancy analysis and prompting/prompt fading techniques; progressive muscle relaxation; imagery procedures; video self modelling /video modelling; self-monitoring; integrated play groups and peer mediated learning; communication techniques; and others as requested.
  4. Transition job support skills to the natural supports in the workplace.
  5. Develop and also support teams to develop visual supports in a variety of formats for instruction of skills and augmentative communication systems. (PECS; conversation books; choice boards; low tech schedules, iPad or other high tech visual apps etc).
  6. Provide on the work site Job Coaching and make modifications and adaptations that support the individual and meet the needs of the employer. Create supports needed for employment success
  7. Film and edit video examples for baseline and data collection, to illustrate strategies for team members, for Video Self Modelling/Video Modelling as well as for case examples.
  8. Report to Behaviour Consultant or LDP Consultant on at least a weekly basis.
  9. Administrative duties include data collection, maintaining file notes, submitting client hours, submitting expenses and monthly statistics.
  10. Monitor and complete Service Quality Indicators with Individual job seeker and Employer.
  11. Be flexible in schedule and duties (Able to work nights and/or weekends to Job Coach as needed)
  12. Remain professional at all times.
  13. Other duties as requested.

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