TeenWork: Selecting Participants

TeenWork Eligibility Criteria



TeenWork is an innovative youth employment program designed to help youth with disabilities and/or mental health challenges and and retain meaningful, part-time paid employment while attending high school. The group-based program is 41 weeks in length. Youth will attend group sessions twice a week (for 15 weeks) which will help them identify their strengths and interests, and develop their skills and talents. For the remainder of the program (26 weeks) TeenWork Job Coaches work directly one-on-one with youth to successfully acquire paid work.



To be eligible for the TeenWork Program, participants must:
• have a disability and/or mental health challenges
• be between 15 and 19 years old
• have a desire and motivation to work
• be currently attending school
• have access to reliable transportation
• be independent in personal care
• have a social insurance number
• not be in receipt of employment insurance

Participants must demonstrate:
• ability to work and participate in a group setting (group of 10)
• ability to follow simple instructions and direction
• ability to work independently in a classroom setting
• availability and motivation to attend all sessions
• ability to complete class work as required (with support as needed)


For more information about TeenWork, please contact Jackie Edwards at jackie@cbiconsultants.com.

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