PEERS®: Program for the Evaluation and Enrichment of Relationship Skills

An evidence-based social skills program designed to help neurodiverse youth and young adults make and keep friends

Social Skills Program for Teenagers

CBI Consultants is pleased to announce that we are offering PEERS for Adolescents developed by Dr. Elizabeth A. Laugeson & Dr. Fred Frankel.

PEERS® (Program for the Evaluation and Enrichment of Relationship Skills) is a 16-week parent/caregiver-assisted program. It is an evidence-based intervention program out of UCLA that focuses on social skill development for neurodiverse youth and young adults. The involvement of parents/caregivers is an integral component of the program as it involves the generalization of what is taught during the sessions into their homes, schools and community. For more information about PEERS, please visit the UCLA WEBSITE.

Program topics include:


Having a conversation; entering and exiting a conversation

social media smartphone

Using electronic forms of communication (e.g., text, email)

friends in a group

Choosing appropriate friends

angry face

Handling teasing and bullying and other forms of rejection

get-togethers in a group

Having appropriate get-togethers

disagreements in speech bubble

Handling arguments and disagreements with friends

dating and hearts and love


handshake with hands

Being a good host / good sport

Session details:

  • The program includes separate parent/caregiver and teen sessions that meet at the same time for 90 minutes each week

  • Methods for teaching social skills include role-playing, modeling, coaching, and performance feedback

  • There will be handouts and weekly homework assignments

  • The program is facilitated by PEERS certified trainers


If you require funding assistance, the PEERS Program qualifies for Autism funding and may also qualify for reimbursement from some extended health care plans.

For more information about PEERS, please download the following flyer.

Please contact us at to register!