Positive Behaviour Support for Children

Positive Behaviour Support for Children

Assessment & Recommendations

6 – 8 Weeks
  • Target needs & strategies
  • Identify key trainer who will train new team members
  • Coordinate support team
  • Determine team roles and responsibilities
  • Conduct assessment via interviews, direct observation, and interaction with child & team members
  • Write Behaviour Plan of Intervention report and present recommendations

Development & Implementation

Average 12-18 months
  • Teach team to do strategies (model, write-ups, online training, feedback)
  • Support team to develop, implement, & adapt strategies in the plan
  • Teach team to analyze patterns of behaviour to problem solve
  • Compile training materials into manual


As required
  • Monitor strategies
  • Support team to develop self-monitoring tools
  • Continue to support team to problem solve, adapt strategies in the plan and to evaluate effectiveness of strategies

The approximately 35 hour functional behavioural assessment involves:

Giving families and other team members access to CBI’s online training course in Positive Behaviour Support. Providing team members with the Personal Profile questionnaire and a Functional Behaviour Assessment Interview and online instructions to complete both. Analysis of Personal Profile and Functional Behaviour Assessment Interview to determine best times to schedule observation videos. Interviews with the focus person and key support team members to complete the assessment information. Observations in natural environments including home, school, and community (some may be done through video or remotely via Skype for example). Review of relevant reports related to communication (e.g., speech language reports), behavioural, or instructional needs (e.g., Individual Educational Plan). Brief report outlining the following: Personal Profile; Analysis of the function of behaviour illustrated in a diagram of the competing pathways; Presentation of the report (can be done remotely via Skype for example).

The completed assessment includes a list of recommendations based on the specific needs of the focus person and their family/support team.

After the completion of CBI’s assessment and presentation of the assessment report, the team decides whether to proceed with CBI’s recommendations. CBI Consultants supports the team to begin developing and implementing the recommendations considered as priorities by the team in consultation with CBI Consultants. CBI Consultants posts a draft of written strategies and/or teaching techniques for the team on the secure area of our website. CBI Consultants includes input from all members to ensure that the recommendations are realistic and practical to implement. CBI Consultants ensures that each strategy is individualized to the focus person’s personal profile and learning style. CBI Consultants teaches and supports the team members to implement strategies by: Ensuring the team understands the written strategies posted; Posting video examples of the strategy; Modeling and videotaping implementation of the strategies to post on the website; Observing and providing feedback to team members to implement the strategies consistently and effectively.

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