Episode 160: Cultivating Culturally Safe Care for Indigenous Peoples with Kim Trottier


Episode 160 features a conversation with Kim Trottier, founder of Culturally Committed.  The purpose of Culturally Committed is threefold: first, it creates a pathway for client feedback, so providers can learn what Indigenous Peoples want and need to create trusting relationships. Second, it provides a list of providers who are demonstrating a desire to offer culturally safe services, so clients can choose offices where they know cultural safety is a priority. Finally, they offer ongoing learning opportunities, facilitated by mentors, Elders, and experts in the field of cultural safety and humility, with the intention of supporting providers in expanding their knowledge around cultural practices, barriers to care, and to educate on what safe care looks and feels like to Indigenous Peoples


Continuing Education Credits (https://www.cbiconsultants.com/shop)

BACB: 1.5 Learning
IBAO: 1.5 Cultural


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