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Self-Determination for Agencies


Self-determination Curriculum Details

The sessions use interactive activities and games to help the participants achieve their SMART goals and develop action plans to reach them. The  Sessions are divided into a number of areas that explore the participants’ hopes, goals, interests and dreams.


Level 1 Self Determination Sessions of the curriculum focus on the participants’ self-discovery about who they are and what are their Ideal Conditions of Employment (I.C.E.)

Level 1 Sessions:

  • Sessions 1-10 involve getting to know the participants and helping them to recognize their unique strengths, talents, abilities and skills. Each participant will create a poster board highlighting his/her personal profile and will present his/her poster board presentation to the other participants. Students also learn about their learning style and other factors that make them unique.
  • Sessions 11-16 explore how the participant can enlist support, how they can speak for themselves, where the participant is now in terms of their life goals and where they would like to be in the future.
  • Sessions 17-23 involve the creation of SMART goals (Smart, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time bound) for each of the participant’s life domains. SMART goals involve Action Plans and a discussion of any barriers and issues that may arise. Students are taught how to use the I Solve method to assist them in overcoming these barriers. Each student then completes the Self Directed Life Plan and presents the plan to the class, before presenting it to their school and community team.
  • Sessions 24-27 focus on the participants’ employment goals and the development of their I.C.E. (Ideal Conditions of Employment)

Level 2 Self-Determination Sessions teach participants all of the steps in the Customized Employment process with the end goal of achieving real work for real pay within a vocational area of interest as identified in their Self-Directed Life Plan. These sessions expand on the participants’ Level 1 Self-Directed Life Plans and use interactive activities and games to help the participant to achieve their employment SMART goals, and to develop and practice self-awareness, responsible decision making, workplace etiquette, safety, and interview skills.

The Self-Determination Sessions in Level 2 are divided into a number of areas that explore the participants’ Ideal Conditions of Employment and job search techniques.

Level 2 Sessions:

  • Sessions 1-6 review Level 1 and expand on the participants’ I.C.E, vocational area of interest and their rights and responsibilities as citizens.
  • Sessions 7- 11 support participants to create their Job Application package which will include a resume, cover letter, visual portfolio and the creation of scripts about how to speak to employers while dropping off and following up on dropping off a resume. We will also explain the importance of networking.
  • Sessions 12- 16 lead participants through process of applying for a job online, applying in person and how to follow up on a job application.
    Sessions 17-20 focus is on interview skills. We will show through video modeling, role plays and mock interviews proper interview techniques and discuss how to follow up after an interview.
  • Sessions 21- 26 support participants to learn what to do and not to do in the workplace, how to ask for help and how to get noticed at work. They will learn about workplace safety, harassment and some strategies about how to assist them if they are having a bad day at work.
  • Session 27 highlights and explains the Employment Standards Act.
  • Sessions 28-30 conclude the process with the creation and presentation of the participants’ dream boards, which list their S.M.A.R.T goals for each of their other life domains.


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