Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

TeenWork Canada

TeenWork Canada is an innovative youth employment program designed to help youth with disabilities and mental health challenges find and retain, meaningful paid employment while attending high school. The video highlights 7 participants from our February 2018 group and demonstrates their increased confidence, self-regulation, autonomy, stress management, communication and self-advocacy skills gained from participating in the program.

Justin Sit

This video highlights CBI Consultants’ Self-Determination Curriculum and Self-Directed Employment Group. We meet Justin who has developed immensely during the program. His self-confidence has augmented considerably as he has a clearer understanding of who he is. Justin’s exposure to our Self Determination program has enabled Justin to pursue his life goals created by himself in multiple life domains.

Ryan Topping

Ryan Topping is a friendly, hard working individual who takes pride in completing tasks correctly and on time. CBI Consultants supported Ryan throughout the Self-Determination and Customized Employment process helping him find a number of jobs that fit his Ideal Conditions of Employment. Since March 2015, Ryan has been working full time at Be Fresh Local Market helping prepare food and keeping the kitchen clean.

Patrick Caldicott

Patrick is a 28-year-old adult that enjoys spending time working out at the gym and hanging out with his girlfriend.  Patrick is hearing impaired but that has not stopped him from achieving his goal of finding meaningful employment. In this Success Story we hear from Patrick and his support team as they discuss the Customized Employment process and his paid employment at SPUD.

Richie Reyes

‘Cheerful’, ‘kind-hearted’ and ‘friendly’: These three words sum up the essence of Richie Reyes. From the moment you meet Richie, you can see that he emits a positive energy that he transmits to everyone. Nowadays, Richie is sharing his vitality and great attitude with others more and more and proving to be a valued member of the White Spot team at Oakridge Town Centre. In this success story we hear from Richie, his co-worker Victor and his manager Sarah as they discuss his four years of paid employment.

Julian McKay

Meet Julian McKay – artist, businessman, musician, human rights activist. Julian is a man of many talents. Originally from Prince Rupert, Julian moved to Richmond, BC a few years ago and has been actively part of the community ever since. Julian is a self-starter who sees challenges as an opportunity to grow. He decided to start his own business – Creations of a Tsayu – in order to better market and sell his works of art. He also keeps busy as part of the Lax Kxeen Tsimshian dancers group. Since beginning his job search with CBI Consultants, Julian has secured employment as a seasonal Production Assistant at LUSH Cosmetics in Vancouver, BC.