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People are at the very core of everything CBI Consultants offers. Our staff are highly trained specialists with a wealth of formal and practical knowledge and experience. Our team takes great pride in being person-centered, collaborative and results-driven. By consistently ensuring our clients’ individual best interests and quality of life are positioned at the forefront of our training and consulting initiatives, we can ensure that our strategies, recommendations and implementations are highly personalized for better outcomes.

Paul Malette

Clinical Director

Since 1990, Dr. Malette has been a director of CBI Consultants, Ltd.  Since 1985 he has supported people with complex needs who experience challenging behaviour, and who require extensive supports in order to be successful in the community. In 1992, he and his colleagues co-authored a paper describing the Lifestyle Development Process (LDP) that was published in the Journal of the Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps. He is currently on the editorial board of the Journal of Vocation Rehabilitation.
Dr. Malette and his colleagues at CBI Consultants have used the Lifestyles Development Process to create an exemplary person-centered consulting and training framework. Dr. Malette continues to focus his research and training on positive, person-centered supports designed to improve the quality of life for the focus person and their support network. Dr. Malette has provided extensive training to schools, families, professionals, and support agencies throughout North America.

Mike Bote

Executive Director

Mike Bote joined CBI Consultants as Executive Director on October 1, 2018.

Mike brings 15 years of significant record of achievement in the community living sector and  large-scale private organizations. His involvement in the community living sector started when he became a homeshare provider for two individuals with developmental disabilities. With the desire to provide meaningful contributions to the sector in a much larger scale, he joined Community Living BC (CLBC) in 2011. Mike held key leadership roles in Regional Operations and Finance departments of CLBC and was instrumental to the development and implementation of its major financial systems and processes. Prior to working for CLBC, he held positions involving strategic management, organizational and business development, and marketing in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), investment, international trading, and consulting companies.

Mike has an MBA from UBC and a bachelor’s degree in Economics.  In his spare time, Mike immensely enjoys singing. He has performed with prestigious choral groups in Canada and the Philippines


Leslie Jones

Senior Consultant

Leslie Jones started her career in 1975, working as a weekend houseparent at a treatment centre for children with autism (Laurel House) while completing her degree at UBC. Leslie worked at Laurel House and the Autism Society of British Columbia prior to joining CBI in 1997. Leslie has been the Executive Director of CBI Consultants since 2006.

Nina Magee

Contract Coordinator

Sarah Phillips

Executive Administrator

Sarah Phillips has been the Executive Administrator at CBI since 2006.  Sarah has worked in the field of Administration and Finance since 1993.

Genya Kaplun

Media, IT & Marketing Manager

Genya brings a unique blend of industry experience as a group home supervisor and a behavior consultant combined with Information Technology, Network Administration and Media Production expertise.   He takes care of CBI’s IT needs and leads our Media Production Team. Additionally, Genya helps with development and implementation of CBI’s Training & Technical Assistance Centre Marketing strategy. Genya holds a B.B.A and a B.Sci (Econ) Degrees from the Simon Fraser University.

Francesca Golrick

Senior Consultant

Francesca has supported people of all ages and across the ability spectrum.  She has been at CBI for over 17 years and what keeps her interested is discovering the key information that makes any focus person a unique individual.

Bonita Halman

Senior Consultant

Bonita joined CBi in 1997. She began supporting individuals in 1979 and has been involved in all aspects of support services; such as institutional care, residential, educational, vocational and behavioural. Bonita is CBI’s Peer Power Coordinator and a consulting supervisor. Additionally, Bonita is a certified provider of the PEERS program for adolescents.

Sherry Adam

Senior Consultant

Sherry Adam works as a Behaviour Consultant and Consultant Supervisor across the province. She greatly enjoys the work she does, including supporting teams, training and presenting. She believes strongly in the principles of Positive Behaviour Support and practices them regularly in both her personal and professional life.

Chad Bouchard

Self-Determination and Employment Coordinator
Chad graduated from the University of Victoria with a degree in Psychology and Economics. He has been working with individuals with disabilities and their families for over ten years in various capacities with a focus on employment in the last six years.

Steven Chung

Behaviour Consultant

Steven joined CBI Consultants in November 2000 and since then has worked as a Behaviour Consultant supporting families with various ethnic backgrounds.  He loves to try different types of food across cultures and he enjoys spending quality time with his family

Victoria Hatch

Behaviour Consultant

For the past  10 years Victoria has been working with our  adult, youth and under six programs. She believes that all individuals have the right to a high quality of life and is willing to look outside the box to make it happen!! Victoria also teaches Positive Behaviour Support, Principals of  Observation, Introduction to Autism and Augmentative Communication courses at the Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

Carmen Cheung

Implementation Consultant/Media & IT Specialist

Carmen completed her education with a B.Sc. in Psychology from the University of British Columbia in 2007, and she pursued further studies in the field of ABA by completing the Disability and Applied Behaviour Analysis certificate program at Douglas College in 2014. She joined CBI Consultants in 2009 as an Implementation Consultant and has been working with children and youths with Autism and other developmental disabilities in both group and one-on-one settings. She also provides support in media and design. Carmen is fluent in Cantonese.

Candace Daku

Behaviour Consultant

Candace holds a BA degree in Psychology from the SFU. She is a Behaviour Consultant who started as an Implementation Consultant with CBI in 2010. For the last few years Candace has been supporting individuals who may have a variety of support needs and a range of abilities. Through person centered planning and the Lifestyle Development Process Candace and CBI has been providing training and support to the teams and families in the Vancouver area. Recently, CBI has begun providing support in Northern BC and Candace will be working in collaboration with several agencies on capacity building in the Dawson Creek and Fort St John area.

Michelle J. Upshaw

Behaviour Consultant

Michelle J Upshaw has recently graduated in 2015 from UBC with a Masters in Special Education. She also graduated in 2007 with a Masters of Arts in Educational Psychology from Mount Saint Vincent University, Nova Scotia. In 2012 she joined CBI as a Behaviour Consultant and for the past 3 years has expanded her knowledge and abilities in the field of special education as it relates to transition planning and self-determination education.  Her passion and life commitment is to assist individuals and their families affected by Autism and other developmental disabilities to enhance their quality of life across all domains.

Karen Inglis

Behaviour Consultant

Karen joined CBI in 2007. She has been in the field of supporting individuals since 1999 and has a background in Early Childhood Education, Supported Child Care, Behaviour Intervention and Special Education Assistant. Karen is a certified provider of the PEERS program for teenagers, and also enjoys supporting school teams with training and implementing our Peer Power Program.

Sepideh Mollasalehi

Behaviour Consultant

Sepideh has been working at CBI for over 8 years.  She has supported families, children and adults with special needs and has been an avid part of CBI. Her love for family interventions, team work, and collaboration is reflected in her work.
Sepideh recently completed her Masters of Special Education at the University of British Columbia under the supervision of Dr. Joseph Lucyshyn, concentrating in Behavior Disorders.

Anna  Kashani

Behaviour Consultant

Anna’s educational background is in special needs, early childhood development and in child & youth care counseling. Her area of interest is promoting social development through social inclusion programs such as CBI’s Peer Power program. Anna takes great pride in creating plans that are person centered with the goals of increasing resiliency, independence, choice and community presence. Anna has found a home at CBI because she believes that CBI’s person centered approach and Positive Behaviour support strategies resonate results across the board for all individuals regardless of the person’s abilities.

Kristiina Thackray

Behaviour Consultant

Kristiina Thackray has been a Behaviour Consultant since 1986 and started with CBI in 2010. She enjoys the challenges of the work and resulting positive outcomes for the individuals served and their teams. Another aspect of the work Kristiina enjoys is training teams in the Mandt Systems which focuses on developing healthy relationships.

Wendy Counsell

Behaviour Consultant

Wendy has been with CBI since 2010. After graduating from UBC in 1994, Wendy has garnered an extensive breadth of experience in behaviour consulting and intervention with a specialization in youth and autism. Her focus is both on big picture planning and specific strategy development and execution. She’s passionate about making a difference for her clients and their families. Additionally, Wendy is a certified provider of the PEERS program for adolescents.

Tracy Baisley

Behaviour Consultant

Tracy joined CBI Consultants as a Behaviour Consultant in 2014. Prior to working with CBI, she provided early intervention to children age 0-3 and their families, as well as worked as a child care support worker and behaviour interventionist. Tracy’s passion is teaching new skills to families, caregivers and support teams as she believes that the people closest to the individual can have the greatest impact. Tracy graduated from UBC in 2001 with a B.A. in psychology.

Kris Clark

Behaviour Consultant

Kris helps support families and individuals across home and school settings to improve their quality of life. His experience ranges from working directly with individuals to supporting teachers as a member of the Autism Team with the Toronto District School Board. He is currently completing a Masters degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Ruth  Wiebe

Behaviour Consultant

Danielle  McGill

Behaviour Consultant

Danielle has been with CBI since 2014. She has experience working with a range of children, adolescence with ASD, developmental disabilities and mental health problems. As a Consultant, Danielle trains and supports team members to implement support strategies successfully.


Julie Perry

Behaviour Consultant

Julie began in Early Childhood Education in 1997. She later became a Behaviour Interventionist, with early learners on the Autism Spectrum. She completed her Master’s Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2011 and joined the CBI team in 2014. Julie is dedicated to supporting youth on the Vancouver Island.

Jackie  Edwards

Lifestyle Development Consultant

Jackie initially joined the Employment team in 2013 and has since expanded her experience to working with the PBS team and teaching CBI’s Self-determination curriculum in a variety of educational settings. She especially loves working with children and youth and recently completed the Early Start Denver Model advanced training. Jackie has a Master of Arts degree from the University of Toronto and speaks Spanish.

Olena Guseva

Lifestyle Development Consultant

Olena started with CBI in 2011 as an Employment Specialist. Since then she has co-authored the Self-Determination Curriculum and has helped a number of people reach their employment goals. She is involved in teaching Self-Determination in schools across the Lower Mainland. Olena holds a B.A. and M.A. (Eng & Psych) from UBC.  Olena is a PhD candidate with Simon Fraser University in the department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies.

Christopher Finlay

Lifestyle Development Consultant

Christopher’s fundamental aim is to facilitate the empowerment of the individuals we work with and improving one’s overall quality of life. He is a devoted husband and father of two young daughters.‎ He’s also a dedicated long standing volunteer high school basketball coach.

Brenda Pellegrin

Behaviour Consultant

Throughout Brenda’s career, she has prided herself on her extensive front-line experience beginning as a Therapeutic Instructor, Education Assistant, Facilitator, Analyst/Trainer, Behavior Therapist, Program Manager for a community-based Life Skills program to her current role as a CBI Behavior Consultant. She is creative and resolution focused as she applies an empowering evidence based self determined practice built upon Positive Behavior Support and the Lifestyle Development Process to support focus people and their networks reach their hopes and dreams for the future of a meaningful quality of life.

Holly Calver

Behaviour Consultant

Joy Li

Behaviour Consultant

Joy has been working with individuals with developmental disabilities since 2008. She completed a Master of Arts degree in 2009 and received her Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) certification in 2014.  Joy joined CBI Consultants in 2012, she enjoys supporting her focus individuals, their families and teams. Joy is able to provide services in English and Mandarin.

Aoife Lyons

Behaviour Consultant

Aoife joined CBI in 2017. Prior to this she has experience supporting people with autism and developmental disabilities in a variety of roles over the past ten years. This includes working in a number of different services including with families, schools, residential homes and the national health service in the UK. She has completed a bachelor of social science in 2010 and a Masters in applied behaviour analysis in 2016.

Darienne Pearce

Behaviour Consultant

Darienne brings an extensive and varied career history  to CBI which includes her work as a Special Education Teacher as well as management experience in adult and children’s Residential and Community Inclusion Programs. Her work as a Behavioural Consultant on the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island have allowed her to develop strong team building skills with a focus on enabling and improving the quality of life for the people we serve.

Megan Kadler

TeenWork Canada Job Coach

Megan holds a BA degree in Psychology from UBC. She recently joined CBI Consultants as a Job Coach with the TeenWork program, supporting youth in acquiring real work for real pay. Her experience includes various roles in the non-profit sector working with adults with developmental disabilities. Additionally, she has experience as an Employment Specialist. Megan is passionate about advocating for changes that improve the quality of life for the individuals that she works with.

Andrea Gibson

TeenWork Canada Job Coach

Andrea holds a BSc degree from Queens University, Belfast. Working as a job coach with the Teenwork Canada program, she is supporting youth gain paid employment while finishing school. Andrea has worked with youth in a variety of settings over the past 10 years including schools and sports.  She has experience working with young children with ASD and other development delays. She has also worked as an employment specialist for a large recruitment company in the UK. Andrea is passionate about empowering others to realize and achieve their potential in life.

Rebecca Arthur

Implementation Consultant & Job Coach

Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Child and Youth Care from The University of the Fraser Valley. Joining the CBI team in October of 2017, Rebecca brings experience in Child & Youth Mental Health Counselling, and direct support of children and youth with developmental and mental disabilities. Rebecca is excited to jump into her new role with CBI as an Implementation Consultant and to work in supporting families, children, youth, and adults.

Nimni Weerasekara

Implementation Consultant

Nimni is a graduate from University of Victoria and holds a B.Sc degree in Biology and Psychology. Her experience ranges from working with children with ASD, developmental disabilities and mental health problems to working with adults with psychiatric disorders. Nimni is dedicated in creating an inclusive community for individuals with all abilities and excited for her future at CBI.

Angela  Narayan

Receptionist & Consultant Assistant

Angela has been working with CBI since 2014. She is responsible for many tasks such as welcoming and greeting visitors, answering or referring phone and email inquiries, and managing incoming/outgoing faxes and paperwork.  She is dependable, patient, well-organized and friendly. She enjoys working at CBI as she is able to socialize while she is multitasking to complete assigned tasks in a timely manner.

Annette  Kerr

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