Service Provider Positive Behaviour Support Capacity Training


CBI’s Positive Behaviour Support Capacity Training (PBS) for service providers uses a train-the-trainer model that has been referred to in the literature as a pyramidal training approach*. It is designed to build capacity within your agency in the areas of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA).
An experienced CBI Behaviour Consultant provides training to agency-selected practitioners within your organization who are then supported to:

1) Follow the principles of positive behaviour support (PBS) to complete Functional Behaviour Assessments and develop Behaviour Support Plans to address difficult/unconstructive and serious behaviours (not critical or unsafe behaviours) and

2) To provide PBS orientation to other staff within their agency on foundational PBS strategies and support them to implement those strategies with agency clients.

Research in Positive Behaviour Support clearly shows that service provider staff and family members are the ones who can make the biggest changes in people’s lives using positive support strategies.

The goal of the PBS capacity building is to ensure that the service provider can recognize and respond to difficult/unconstructive or serious behaviours early enough to prevent critical or unsafe behaviours from developing. The result is an overall improvement in the quality of life for the focus individual and improved employee job satisfaction.

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Capacity Training Brochure

*Andzik, N. and Cannella-Maloone, HI. (2017). A Review of the Pyramidal Training Approach for Practitioners Working With Individuals With Disabilities.

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