Preparing Your Proposal for CLBC's L.I.F.E. Service RFP?

CBI Consultants’ Turnkey Solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with your agency’s L.I.F.E. Service.

Our comprehensive Turnkey Solution will equip your agency with the tools to develop and implement a research-based L.I.F.E Service.

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At the heart of the Turnkey Solution is our Lifestyle Development Process, a research based framework that aligns with the Four Cornerstones of L.I.F.E. Services.

Milieu worked in partnership with CBI during our L.I.F.E.-based services pilot. We found their self-determination curriculum key to our success in this service. In our experience, CBI’s self-determination curriculum sets the foundation for the people we serve to understand the differences they want to experience and start directing their life plans with their L.I.F.E. coaches, including self-identifying their ideal places, people, and employment opportunities they’d like to explore. CBI also assisted us with developing a training structure for our staff members in each of the L.I.F.E. cornerstones and supported us with piloting various feedback loop options to obtain ‘check-in’ feedback information from the people we are supporting. We used CBI’s structured feedback hub to measure self-determination indicators with each person. This hub tool provided us with information on how people were experiencing their support and what differences they were experiencing while also ensuring we could gather pertinent information to change support ‘tune-up strategies’ if something wasn’t working well for the person. We recommend working in partnership with CBI to support the structure of your L.I.F.E.-Based services.Cynthia Roling CEO, Milieu Family Services Inc.

For Focus Individuals

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Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy Skills

Our field-tested self-determination instruction, utilized by B.C. schools and agencies, supports individuals in identifying strengths, establishing L.I.F.E. goals, developing action steps, evaluating intended differences, and overcoming barriers.

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Employment Support

With our Customized Employment strategies individuals will benefit from tailored training and support for self-directed discovery, unlocking personal potential, and honing job development strategies.

For L.I.F.E. Coaches

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Life Coach Training

Using our published person-centered Lifestyle Development Process we provide training to agency staff to fulfill the role of L.I.F.E. Coach, with a focus on the dynamic nature of the L.I.F.E. Service, and the importance of the ‘check in’ and ‘tune up’ process.

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Customized Employment Training

Leverage our expertise as a Canadian leader in Customized Employment to assist individuals in achieving inclusive paid employment.

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Online Training and Coaching Modules

Access comprehensive modules designed for one-on-one teaching or group formats, all based on the shared principles of L.I.F.E. Services and CBI’s Lifestyle Development Process.

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L.I.F.E Reporting Software

Our customized software, prototyped and fully implemented by Milieu during the L.I.F.E. pilot, has been showcased in L.I.F.E. training sessions by CLBC.

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