Unlocking the Potential: Empower Your Students with Self-Determination Skills

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Being self-determined is about being a person that makes things happen in your life. It’s about acting as a causal agent—setting goals, making plans and making those plans happen.

Dr. Karrie A. Shogren, Professor & Director of the Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities

What is Self-Determination?

“Teaching self-determination to individuals with disabilities is essential for promoting their independence, self-confidence, and ability to make informed decisions about their lives.” (Michael L. Wehmeyer, Ph.D., Ross and Marianna Beach Distinguished Professor in Special Education, University of Kansas)

Creating and implementing a future for oneself, with support when required, is the main objective and desired outcome of the Self-Determination course that CBI has created.

Why Use CBI's Self-Determination Course?


Aligns with the B.C. Ministry of Education Core Competencies, specifically Personal & Social Awareness & Responsibility and Positive Personal & Cultural Identity


Increases opportunities for youth to obtain paid work before leaving secondary school, another predictor of post secondary school inclusion and success


Includes engaging lesson activities, including videos, games and role-playing exercises


Includes student workbooks that can be used to assess student’s understanding and competency development


Evidence-based and field tested across B.C.


Comprehensive lesson plans in 5 modules that are available online 24/7 – student slideshow with embedded resources

Ministry of B.C.'s Core Competencies & Outcomes

CBI’s Self-Determination Course


  • Connecting and engaging with others
  • Acquiring and presenting information

Personal & Social

  • Identifying personal strengths and abilities
  • Increasing well-being
  • Building relationships and contributing to the community
  • Increasing self-regulation, self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-determination

Critical & Creative Thinking

  • Generating and developing ideas
  • Analyzing and critiquing


  • Self-Directed Life Plan (SDLP) – A life path roadmap as described through goals in various life domains such as housing, employment, social life, etc.
  • The SDLP is a student led transition planning document that can be used with community agencies

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With CBI's Self-Determination course, you can create an inclusive and empowering learning environment where students can thrive. By teaching self-determination skills, you'll enable them to overcome barriers, achieve success, and lead fulfilling inclusive lives. Take the first step in transforming your students' futures by enrolling in our course today. Let's empower your students together!


“The way I see it, self-determination instruction and self-determination skills are the foundation from which we teach everything else. It is the bottom of the house from which everything else is supported.”Pam Neuman, DRT-Secondary Transition, Vancouver School Board

“Self-determination instruction starts with the student. They are directing their goals. I use it with their IEP’s and for the transitioning youth it is actually a self-directed plan and the adults in the room are writing down how to support those goals. It’s completely different. I have five students in grade 12. They are all looking forward to transitioning out of high school. They all have a plan. They know they are going to be supported. It’s very exciting.”Belinda McKinnon, Special Education Teacher, Vancouver School Board

“It has helped me to grow more independent with other choices in my life, more confident in my life, and it is my inspiration to do things I like to do in my everyday life.”Grade 12 Student

“It’s made me more aware of what my skills are and what I can do as a human and how I can better serve the world.”Grade 10 Student