Episode 127: Liberation-oriented, Anti-oppressive, Culturally Informed Mental Health with Dr. Han Ren


Episode 127 is a conversation with Dr. Han Ren.  Dr. Ren (she/they) is a licensed clinical and school psychologist, consultant, speaker, and educator. She is deeply rooted in liberation and anti-oppressive work, practicing from a justice-oriented, interpersonal, culturally humble, and systems-informed framework. Through their widely viewed content on social media, they strive to make mental health accessible and applicable to our daily lives. In this conversation Ben and Han dive deep into liberation psychology,  Han’s pursuit of collective healing in Asian communities, and their personal story as a queer, neurodivergent therapist.

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  • BACB: 1.5 Learning
  • IBAO: 1.5 Cultural
  • QABA: 1.5  DEI
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