Episode 129: The Sista Scholars: School Counselor Education and Social Justice


Meet the Sista Scholars!  They are counselors and educational leaders who believe in community and utilizing their collective village to engage in social justice work.

Drs. Sarah Brant-Rajahn, Eva M. Gibson, and Mariama Cook Sandifer are accomplished counselor educators dedicated to advancing the field. Dr. Brant-Rajahn, an Assistant Professor at Messiah University, draws on 7 years of experience as a school counselor in Georgia, contributing to research on school racial climate and culturally responsive pedagogy. Dr. Gibson, an Associate Professor at Austin Peay State University, transitioned from an 11-year career as a school counselor, earning recognition as ASCA’s “2017 Tennessee School Counselor of the Year.” She actively contributes to professional journals and holds leadership roles in counseling associations. Dr. Sandifer, also an Assistant Professor at Austin Peay State University, brings 14 years of school counseling experience from Louisiana and Texas, focusing on ASCA model implementation and student advocacy. All three authors co-authored works such as “WOKE: Advocacy for African American students” and have presented at numerous conferences, emphasizing social justice and positive change in education.

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  • BACB: 1.5 Learning
  • IBAO: 1.5 Cultural
  • QABA: 1.5  DEI
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