Episode 95: The HUB Lab Series #1: Analyzing Stigma and Ableism Against Autistics using Relational Density Theory


pisode 95 is the first episode in a new series with Dr. Jordan Belisle’s Humans Understanding Behavior (HUB) Lab.  Some of the topics discussed in the series involve applications of relational frame theory (RFT) and relational density theory (RDT) to the areas of ableism, stigma, gender, climate action, racism, and more!

This episode features a conversation with Claire Zuch, a graduate student in the HUB lab whose work has been focused on the analysis of ableism and stigma against Autistic folks.  RDT is a complex and fascinating concept and Claire does a wonderful job of explaining RDT to a novice like myself.  Claire notes that RDT is often easier to explain with a visual of something known as a geospace (see below).  Claire discusses her plans to continue this research in her doctoral program with Dr. Mark Dixon and the importance of compensating Autistic participants for their labour.

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